Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 2: Day 1 almost killed me.


I am so tired, my body hurts all over, and I really want to curl up and go to sleep. I did the 30ds last night at like, 9:00 and I couldn't ever catch my breath because I couldn't stop yawning! I'm going to try to do it as soon as I get home tonight... Hopefully that will be better.

Seriously, seriously. Jillian Michaels is very talented at what she does, and has an awesome body to prove it. But her never ending babbling during the workout gets on my ever loving nerves! I would rather her STFU and tell me what to do. My nerves are generally shot as it is when I do stuff like that, it's not fun to me AT ALL.

One little happy thing is that the past two days, I have had really yummy and healthy lunches that keep me filled up until my afternoon snack. Yesterday I packed one of those Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, the Rotini and Zesty Marinara one. Let me just tell you, it tasted sooo good. It has lots of nice, fat chunks of caramelized onions and peppers and it doesn't taste like 'diet food' at all.

The pasta is uncooked in the package, which is specially designed with a strainer built into the lid. You fill it up to a fill line with water, microwave for 3:30, stick the lid on it, and voila! Instant pasta! Then the sauce is packaged separately, and all you do is open the side of the cellophane on top and nuke it for 14-20 seconds. Mix mix mix, and lunch is ready.

Today I had the Ziti and Meat Sauce variety, and it was really good too! I wasn't super crazy about the meat chunks, but I was surprised to find that the sauce was just a little bit spicy- which I liked.

I want to try the other varieties (there are several Asian offerings), but I'm kind of nervous about the chunks of meat. If you've tried any of them, let me know which ones are good- and which ones aren't!

I think for the rest of the week it will be salads for me (walmart has these really cool salad topping kits for $2), and maybe chicken salad on Friday.

Food Log:
PB on whole wheat english muffins, coffee
no snack
Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer, Diet Coke

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