Monday, January 4, 2010

Project365: #3 & #4

I'm having fun with this! I'm interested to see at the end of the year what comprises most of my pictures.

Here are my pictures for today: (I'm doubling up until I'm caught up tomorrow)
This is a portrait I did of my co-worker's pooches, a mutt named Flo and a Rottie named Bella. I'm really happy with it! It was a gift for my CW's wife, and I hear she loved it!

This makes me think of that song...

So please please please

Let me get what I want
Lord knows it would be the first time

It's Bogart, of course... 12am this morning, and I'm having a late night snack of toasted (blackened... oops) peanut butter and honey. He never actually makes a grab for it, choosing simply to play upon my sympathies by laying his head on my knee and following me with his eyes as I eat bite after bite until it's gone.

With that level of begging, you would think we give him people food... right?


He only eats his doggy food and the occasional treat.

I guess they're born predisposed to beg.

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